Check out (Below) the most recent photos about the activities of the CSLFS CEO in Sierra Leone.
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  1. Sierra Leone former president visited the Canada Sierra Leone Friendship Society Inc orphans in Lokomasama village June 28, 2019
  2. Agriculture food grains bank conference
  3. The CEO is at work May 2019 in Port Loko Town
  4. The Canada flag in the organization land
  5. During the CEO’s visit in Sierra Leone with the orphans
  6. The CEO ‘s visit and the Gara dying project women meetings
  7. April 20th 2019 lectures
  8. Learning progress presentations April 20th 2019
  9. Meeting discussion April 2019
  10. Meeting discussion what they project needed
  11. Gara dying women and their children learning together. CEO was worried about the women and how they will learned effective,  while the children are with them. They needs tots food and a separate place with a babysitter
  12. The CEO’s visit in Sierra Leone Port Loko district on April 16, 2009
  13. CEO’s observation of the union community computers trand for the drop out girls to prevent them from early marriage
  14. The Canada Sierra Leone Friendship Society Inc. CEO on the site
  15. This boy was surviving only the fruit mangoes time. Who know after the season what’s would makes him survive April 2019
  16. Computer trans building on water May 2019 CEO and others are planning where they can find water to continue the work